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Founded in 2012 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Eastern Spa & Nails is a haven of relaxation that implies on enhancing comfort, beauty, well-being, and health. We prioritize all client-focused services, high-quality products, and highly qualified sanitation standards for your absolute experiences.

Our missions are to bring you the latest beauty care's advances, empower and intensive dedication. Therefore, our nail salon 87113 only utilizes the most trusted & well-recommended brands in the beauty industry. We strive ourselves in providing you with the most excellent services and professionalism.

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They were able to keep my real nail and add a great purple nude on top! The color selection of SNS was great! They were super friendly and gave you water upon your arrival. I highly suggest visiting!

Taylor Bischoff

Choose a day to enjoy the relaxation, work left to let us we will serve you as a king